General Info

  • Attendees must be 21+ w/ a valid State-issued picture ID (or Passport) 
  •  Food, water & other non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. 
  •  We do not allow attendees to bring in their own food & beverage provisions.  
  •  This event will be held RAIN or SHINE (plenty of tents!) 
  •  No strollers or children on foot allowed. Children (infants/toddlers) are welcome if carried by  parents in baby carriers/backpacks either chest or back only.  
  •  No pets please! No exceptions.  
  •  No refunds or exchanges.
  •  Please follow all posted rules and regulations 

  • To ensure a long-lasting supply for all attendees, all  participating Brewers & Reps will only pour 3 oz tasting portions. Attendees will be able to enjoy an "unlimited" tasting experience from the 250+ brews presented, but please remember it is up to you to Enjoy Responsibly.
  • Attendees may bring pint glasses or other drinking vessels into the Brew Fest, and brewers will be selling pint glasses, but no pours will be made directly into large drinking vessels.

  • Pours will be made into plastic tasting cups (provided by the BCB&Q) and Brass City Brew & 'Que 5 oz tasting glasses only. 

Identify yourself at the gate as a Designated Driver (DD) and you'll be given a distinct wristband.
DD's under the age of 21 (18+ y.o.) are allowed. 

PHOTOGRAPHIC RELEASE: The Volunteer, Ticket Purchaser and Designated  Driver does hereby grant and convey to Main Street Waterbury all right,  title, and interest in any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings made by Main Street Waterbury during the 14th annual  Brass City Brew & Que Activities, including, but not limited to, any  royalties, proceeds, or other benefits derived by such photographs or recordings.